Zetta’s Mark by Sandra Aldrich Book Review

Zetta’s Mark by Sandra Aldrich is a story about a Kentucky widow woman’s quest to raise her young family, fend off would-be, oh-so-wrong-for-her suitors and survive day by day after returning home without her husband who was killed in a coal mining accident.

Sandra Aldrich weaves a sometimes heart-wrenching, always triumphant story. She is a master storyteller. Zetta’s Mark and the first book, Zetta’s Dream, belong on anyone’s book shelf next to the likes of Jesse Stuart, Harriette Simpson Arnow and John Fox Jr.

Book Review of Ride the High Lonesome by Rosanne Bittner

The book opens with the hanging of Luke Bowden for a crime he didn’t commit. Needing his horse to get her out of outlaw country, Kate Winters leaves her hiding place once the men who hung Luke are gone. She is surprised to find Luke isn’t dead. Taking pity on the man, she cuts him down and the saga of Luke and Kate begins.

This was my first time reading a book by Ms. Bittner. I thoroughly enjoyed it with it’s strong characters and well-researched history of the area. I couldn’t get enough of Luke and Kate. There were some graphic sex scenes. Even so, I enjoyed reading it very much. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Getting Ready

I’m getting ready for big things in 2020. I made a shopping list of foods on sale this week and next so when I start my life program with MWLC I will be ready. I submitted the about me, dedication, author marketing questionnaire, manuscript, head shot portrait and W9 to Ambassador International Jan. 2. Now I wait to be contacted by an editor. In the meantime, I’m thinking of rewriting my about me paragraph to be more serious. I was going for funny, but I’m not sure it came off that way. I’ll discuss it with the editor and see what she thinks of it before I make any changes.


Happy New Year!!

I hope the new year has started off wonderful for you. It has for me, well, it should start well as I signed up to be a client at Medical Weight Loss Clinic. I told them I wanted to lose 60 pounds, which would aid me in getting rid of the cane with which I walk. I use a cane because I have arthritis in my knees and my knees have almost given out on me because of my weight. I also want my clothing to fit better. So that’s the physical me in 2020.

As for other goals in 2020, I want my book published this year. I know as long as I follow Ambassador International’s program (including edits from an editor) I should meet this goal. Even if it is 2021 when the book is published I will be thrilled.

I want to write more in 2020. I stopped writing the inspirational, historical romance novel set in a Michigan lumber camp because I realized I needed to do more research into Michigan lumber camps. The books I read up to this point and my trip to the Michigan History Museum in Lansing didn’t offer enough fodder for my mind. I have two more books I bought on Amazon about Michigan lumber camps in the U.P. but my camp is set in the lower peninsula. Oh what to do! Get cracking and read those books. Maybe I need to take another trip to the history museum.

Regardless of what I do this year, I wish you well and many blessings in this new year.

Aunt Nola Patrick

Yesterday, December 27, 2019, I attended my Aunt Nola Patrick’s funeral at Cole Funeral Home in Chelsea, Michigan. It was a sad day for me as I recalled many aspects of her personality that are gone with her passing. I loved my Aunt Nola. She was a kind, giving soul. She was one of my favorite aunts. A favorite because of what she stood for. She was a born-again Christian who loved the Lord and showed that love in all she did. She was one of two sisters that, after my mother died, I took my concerns to in order for them to advise me on what I should do. I forget what concerns I had, but I knew if I had to take it to “the sisters” I probably should not make that choice. I remember sitting at her kitchen table pouring my heart out to her and the other sister, my Aunt Jean Wisecup. They listened carefully to my concern, offered feedback and prayer. My Aunt Nola led in prayer.

Now, she is gone. At the end, she suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and no longer remembered who I was. Even so, she was still my beloved aunt. I wonder if she knew how beloved she was to me.

For those of you with loved ones still in your life, remember to tell them I love you often. Hold them a little closer, give a call or send a card to let them know how special they are to you. For you never know when, like my 82-year-old Aunt Nola, their life will come to an end.

gretapicklesimer.com site

So today, I started creating a website on WordPress.com. Man is this hard. I paid $48 for someone to call and walk me through creating it for forty-five minutes. I still have questions. I’ve created websites for personal and business use before, but man this is tough. Does anyone have a good grasp on WordPress that could lend a hand? My site is live, but there is still so much I want to do with it.

The Christmas Ranch (2019) — A Book Spotlight — The Christian Fiction Girl

Happy Release Day to Melinda Dozier! About the Book Book: The Christmas Ranch Author: Melinda Dozier Publish: Anaiah Press Release Date: December 13, 2019 Megan Palmer, a TV journalist for True Faith Network, is assigned to report on Flying B Ranch, which is known for its Christmas lights and tree farm. She assumes it will be an easy […]

via The Christmas Ranch (2019) — A Book Spotlight — The Christian Fiction Girl

Rosanne Bittner — A Gift of Books

Today was the holiday party for Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America at Schuler’s Restaurant in Marshall Michigan. We had a good time with games, food and a gift exchange. While I waited for the festivities to begin, long-time member Rosanne Bittner came over to me and set down three books beside me. I had asked her to bring the two cowboy anthologies she was in so I could purchase the books. Rosanne Bittner included an advanced copy of Ride the High Lonesome book on the stack. I asked her how much she wanted for all of them. She said nothing. You do a lot for our group so no charge. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and gasped. After reading the first page of Rosanne Bittner’s Ride the High Lonesome book I can’t wait to read more.

If you are looking for a good love story in a wild west setting, pick up a copy of any of Rosanne Bittner’s books. She’s an excellent writer with 70 books to her credit (so she must be doing something right).

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens book review

A spicy romance laced with mystery. From the moment the family heirloom necklace touches her, Mary Cynster is in for the ride of her life as she is pursued tirelessly by Lord Ryder Cavanaugh until, finally, she gives in and agrees to marry him.

Once their marriage is complete Mary and Ryder must face a number of mysterious happenings at his manor house where both he and Mary narrowly miss certain death.

But who is behind these plots to unseat the Marquess of Raventhorne? Will Mary and Ryder find out who is behind these attempts on their lives before the next mishap causes them to lose their life?