At Sharon Griffes Tarr’s Studio

Yesterday, Sunday, March 24, 2019, I journeyed to Williamston Michigan to Sharon Griffes Tarr’s studio in her home to buy a painting. I was amazed at all the lovely paintings on the walls and in a drawer. She is a prolific plein air painter of landscapes. There were several paintings that I wanted, but priceContinue reading “At Sharon Griffes Tarr’s Studio”

Sharon Griffes Tarr Michigan Artist

Sharon Griffes Tarr is a friend on Facebook. I’ve been following her for a while. Recently, she has been posting pictures of an oil painting she is working on for a competition. The painting is lovely. It has bunny tracks in white-blue snow along a frozen creek with trees and long, brown grass stems. YouContinue reading “Sharon Griffes Tarr Michigan Artist”

30,000 words and counting

Today, we had a snow day at work. Actually we were sent home early because of the bad weather. Since I had the afternoon off (work was called at noon today), I decided to write. Yesterday, I wrote over 1,000 words to 28,464. Today, I wrote to 30,120 words. I felt better about writing almostContinue reading “30,000 words and counting”

5 Ways to become a successful writer

According to a recent article I read from Writer’s Digest there are five things everyone who wants to finish a novel draft must do. They are–as I remember them: Just do it. Don’t put it off just sit down and get something on the page. Just do it. Don’t look at a blank page startContinue reading “5 Ways to become a successful writer”

Cats and Writing

I have three cats. Two of which are situated on me. One is licking it’s back on my left leg while the other is sleeping in my zip-up jacket. It’s hard to write with cats on me, but they obviously missed me while I was at work today and so I let them stay. IContinue reading “Cats and Writing”