A Small Book

Sunday, March 13, 2016, I wrote another 1,000 words which brought me to a grand total of 50,212 words, which is a small book. I’m now officially out of novellaland and into book world. I made it yeah!! Writing 1,000 words a day, even on days that I don’t feel like it, has helped meContinue reading “A Small Book”

Writer: Get to the Point

I was just reading a post by a writer who shall remain nameless. It was a really good post full of descriptions and details. Ah the details. I found myself looking at my internal watch thinking “would you please get to the point”. It’s not that I don’t enjoy details when reading…no, that’s not it.Continue reading “Writer: Get to the Point”

New Year’s Resolution Achieved

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions easily. I’m better at breaking them. This year I made one December 30th to write more. There was a novel swimming around in my head that I wanted to write. So December 30th I started writing it. I didn’t keep track of how many words I was writing onContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution Achieved”

Love Inspired Historical Romance Formating

These are the guidelines for submitting to this Harlequin contest: FORMATTING GUIDELINES Not sure how to set up your documents for Love Inspired Historical to submit them in the Manuscript Matchmakers pitch session? Not a problem! Here’s a cheat-sheet for how to set up every entry. **Please Note: We will review only one entry perContinue reading “Love Inspired Historical Romance Formating”

What I found on Harlequin’s site

Manuscript Matchmakers: Meet the perfect editor match for your inspirational historical romance manuscript The Love Inspired editors are thrilled to announce our newest pitch opportunity, Manuscript Matchmakers (#ManuscriptMatch). We want to fall in love with some amazing inspirational historical romance novels. If you think your book holds the key to our hearts, we encourage youContinue reading “What I found on Harlequin’s site”