Writing Time

If I’m to be successful, I need to carve out time to write. The precursor to writing time is hours spent checking emails and social messaging. And I wonder where the time went and why I’m not being more productive. Even now, when I could be editing a story, I find myself catching up andContinue reading “Writing Time”

NEORWA Conference

I’m here in Ohio for the North East Ohio Romance Writers of America conference where I will pitch two books to an editor and an agent. I’m excited by the prospect of telling them what I have and seeing if they would like to take a look. I am also working on two works inContinue reading “NEORWA Conference”

Too Much Social Media Time

Okay, I confess. I spend way too much time on social media checking email, checking Twitter and Facebook feeds and such instead of writing. This is frustrating. I rise early with thoughts of churning out another thousand words dancing through my head only instead to sit catching up on what I missed while sleeping. IContinue reading “Too Much Social Media Time”

Fifty four thousand words and counting

I guess I’m feeling bad about not blogging more about my writing–thus the sudden deluge of entries. So far this week I’ve written 2,000 words. My secret? It really is about getting my butt in the chair and hands on the keyboard. I forget which famous writer said that–Nora Roberts maybe? Anyway, it’s working. SoContinue reading “Fifty four thousand words and counting”

Fifty-Thousand Words and Counting

There’s still so much to do with this novel in progress–Summers Creek. I wrote six-hundred words last night, which puts me into fifty-two thousand words. I don’t know what the turning point of this contemporary, inspirational romance will be. You know the point when the hero and heroine overcome their differences and come together. TheyContinue reading “Fifty-Thousand Words and Counting”

Has it really been this long?

Has it really been this long since I’ve written in my writing blog? Yes, unfortunately, yes it has. Well lots has happened since I last wrote. I started a new novel–a contemporary inspirational and have struggled along with it for months. I don’t like talking about the struggles, but they are part of the writingContinue reading “Has it really been this long?”