Happy New Year!!

I hope the new year has started off wonderful for you. It has for me, well, it should start well as I signed up to be a client at Medical Weight Loss Clinic. I told them I wanted to lose 60 pounds, which would aid me in getting rid of the cane with which I walk. I use a cane because I have arthritis in my knees and my knees have almost given out on me because of my weight. I also want my clothing to fit better. So that’s the physical me in 2020.

As for other goals in 2020, I want my book published this year. I know as long as I follow Ambassador International’s program (including edits from an editor) I should meet this goal. Even if it is 2021 when the book is published I will be thrilled.

I want to write more in 2020. I stopped writing the inspirational, historical romance novel set in a Michigan lumber camp because I realized I needed to do more research into Michigan lumber camps. The books I read up to this point and my trip to the Michigan History Museum in Lansing didn’t offer enough fodder for my mind. I have two more books I bought on Amazon about Michigan lumber camps in the U.P. but my camp is set in the lower peninsula. Oh what to do! Get cracking and read those books. Maybe I need to take another trip to the history museum.

Regardless of what I do this year, I wish you well and many blessings in this new year.

Published by Greta

I am a writer of inspirational romance novels.

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