Aunt Nola Patrick

Yesterday, December 27, 2019, I attended my Aunt Nola Patrick’s funeral at Cole Funeral Home in Chelsea, Michigan. It was a sad day for me as I recalled many aspects of her personality that are gone with her passing. I loved my Aunt Nola. She was a kind, giving soul. She was one of my favorite aunts. A favorite because of what she stood for. She was a born-again Christian who loved the Lord and showed that love in all she did. She was one of two sisters that, after my mother died, I took my concerns to in order for them to advise me on what I should do. I forget what concerns I had, but I knew if I had to take it to “the sisters” I probably should not make that choice. I remember sitting at her kitchen table pouring my heart out to her and the other sister, my Aunt Jean Wisecup. They listened carefully to my concern, offered feedback and prayer. My Aunt Nola led in prayer.

Now, she is gone. At the end, she suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and no longer remembered who I was. Even so, she was still my beloved aunt. I wonder if she knew how beloved she was to me.

For those of you with loved ones still in your life, remember to tell them I love you often. Hold them a little closer, give a call or send a card to let them know how special they are to you. For you never know when, like my 82-year-old Aunt Nola, their life will come to an end.

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I am a writer of inspirational romance novels.

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