Rosanne Bittner — A Gift of Books

Today was the holiday party for Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America at Schuler’s Restaurant in Marshall Michigan. We had a good time with games, food and a gift exchange. While I waited for the festivities to begin, long-time member Rosanne Bittner came over to me and set down three books beside me. I had asked her to bring the two cowboy anthologies she was in so I could purchase the books. Rosanne Bittner included an advanced copy of Ride the High Lonesome book on the stack. I asked her how much she wanted for all of them. She said nothing. You do a lot for our group so no charge. I was overwhelmed by her kindness and gasped. After reading the first page of Rosanne Bittner’s Ride the High Lonesome book I can’t wait to read more.

If you are looking for a good love story in a wild west setting, pick up a copy of any of Rosanne Bittner’s books. She’s an excellent writer with 70 books to her credit (so she must be doing something right).

Published by Greta

I am a writer of inspirational romance novels.

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