Chapter 8 in the editing process

I am speaking this into my phone so it may not be perfect and there shouldn’t be any punctuation I am on chapter 8 in the editing process I stopped mid chapter 8 just because I grew tired and needed a change of pace I hope that’s not a reflection on my work and the pacing I stopped at an interesting place and we’ll need to go back and reread chapter 7 in order to figure out what I’m doing going forward I’m curious to know how other writers edit their work what they do how they set themselves up to process the writing I work in my computer room which has a window and I use plastic hard plastic table as my desk I drink lots of Crystal Light iced tea in a reusable cup pet my kitties often and just go in till my butt goes numb that is my process what is yours?

Published by Greta

I am a writer of inspirational romance novels.

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