New Year’s Resolution Achieved

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions easily. I’m better at breaking them. This year I made one December 30th to write more. There was a novel swimming around in my head that I wanted to write. So December 30th I started writing it. I didn’t keep track of how many words I was writing on a daily basis or even if I was writing at all until sometime in February. Once I started keeping track on a little purse-size calendar on the wall by my lazy chair and rolling table from which I write I began to look forward to writing. Now that I challenge myself to write 1,000 words everyday I find writing easier since I’ve broken it down into 1,000 word chunks.

So far I’ve written just over 43,000 words, which achieved my goal to write more. Last year I wrote a 41,000 word novella so anything beyond that is good. Since I’m focusing on writing Inspirational historical romances for Harlequin my word count needs to be 70,000-75,000 words. I do have enough material to get me there (hopefully). And with that and another 1,000 words written (not here, but today), I’m going to bed.

Published by Greta

I am a writer of inspirational romance novels.

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